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Penko Park
is a game about exploring an abandoned wildlife park.

Meet its mysterious inhabitants by taking photos and interacting with the world!

 Park activities 

☑ Snap magnificent shots and discover the creatures' most interesting poses.
☑ Collect wildlife details & snapshots in your trusty park guidebook.
☑ Uncover the park's history, secrets & hidden paths.
☑ Use your trusty Penko® Grappling Hook to interact with the environment.
☑ Look beyond the surface by unlocking your camera's GhostCam Mode.

“I'm completely taken with Ghostbutter's cute but creepy take on Pokémon Snap.”

— Rachel Watts for PC Gamer

 Meet the staff 

Konstantin Kopka

Game designer, developer


Philip Feller

Level designer, animator


Elenor Kopka

Art director, visual artist

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